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The following items are required in addition to the QuestBridge Application.


收到你的国家大学匹配申请, 您将收到填写beplay体育app官网问答桥问卷的指示. This questionnaire is required in order for us to complete your application.

请注意,作为QuestBridge问卷的一部分, 只有那些申请以人为本的工程专业的学生才需要提交beplay体育app官网写作补充. Y你可以找到作文提示 here (选项# 5).


Please have your high school counselor submit your official transcript to bcapplicant@lesangesbeaute.com. 如果你的辅导员上传了你的成绩单作为你的国家大学匹配申请的一部分, 您不需要重新提交.





beplay体育app官网将在2023-2024年招生周期内对第一年申请者保持考试选择性政策. 点击这里了解更多.

无法提交标准化考试成绩的学生, 或者选择不这么做, 不会在我们的选拔过程中处于劣势. In reviewing applications that do not include standardized test results, 招生委员会将更加重视其他必要的申请证书,包括学业成绩, 课程的严谨性, 班级安排, 个人陈述, 建议, 参与课外活动.

For those students who would like to submit standardized testing results, we accept the ACT or SAT and don't require any Optional Writing portion. 如果你提交了多个分数, 我们将在评估中对测试进行超级评分,并将分数作为我们对申请进行整体审查的一个组成部分. 如果发送的是考试机构的正式成绩,不要使用紧急报告服务. beplay体育app官网 will accept self-reported ACT or SAT test scores for QuestBridge students participating in the National College Match process only. 对于那些选择提交考试成绩的人, 在beplay体育app官网注册之前,需要提供官方的ACT或SAT成绩报告. 如果从ACT或大学理事会发送考试成绩的费用会带来经济负担, please have your guidance or college counselor email a copy of your score report to bcapplicant@lesangesbeaute.com. We also accept test scores that are reported on official high school transcripts.

学生 who wish to further quantify their academic successes are welcome to note non-required credentials such as Advanced Placement scores or predicted IB scores. 







艺术作品集可以通过 SlideRoom. 作为QuestBridge的申请者, 请选择QuestBridge类别,然后是申请轮和相应的艺术作品提交, music, 和/或剧院. 如果你是作为全国大学比赛的一部分申请, please select the QuestBridge Early Decision I round for your artistic submission. 

请注意,只有打算主修工作室艺术的学生才能通过SlideRoom提交艺术样本/作品集. 如果不是主修艺术工作室, 请强调任何艺术参与(如摄影), 绘画, 画, 陶瓷, 数字媒体, 和视频)在活动或附加信息部分的QuestBridge应用程序或通用应用程序. 

学生 with a background in theatre and/or music who plan to be involved in music 和ater productions at beplay体育app官网 are invited to showcase their talents by submitting artistic samples via SlideRoom, 不管他们打算主修什么专业.  If you do not intend to formally pursue these artistic talents at beplay体育app官网, but you would like to tell us about past experiences you've had in the arts, we encourage you to do so within the Activities or Additional Information sections of the QuestBridge Application or the Common Application.

All materials must be received via SlideRoom by November 1 for QuestBridge National College Match candidates and Early Decision I candidates. For 提前决定II and 常规的决定 candidates, the deadline is January 2. 在这些日期之后收到的提交将不予审查. Please note that there is a $5 fee to submit your artistic samples. 学生 applying as QuestBridge National College Match applicants with beplay体育app官网 will automatically be reimbursed the $5 submission fee. 学生 applying outside of the Match process via 提前决定II and 常规的决定 may request a fee waiver by emailing Linda Galvin (linda.galvin@lesangesbeaute.com),如果该费用造成经济困难.


2024 - 2025年FAFSA


FAFSA要到2023年12月才会生效. 请尽快完成FAFSA,并将其直接提交给beplay体育app官网.

U.S. 公民和符合条件的非公民. Canadian and other international students do not complete the FAFSA.



请注意,无证件的学生申请者, 有或没有临时保护地位(TPS), 不需要提交FAFSA.







  • 提交CSS档案 Business/Farm Supplement.


  • 你的亲生父母/养父母必须用不同的登录凭据完成他们自己的CSS配置文件. 强烈建议学生和监护人首先启动CSS配置文件, as the non-custodial cannot submit information until the student selects a school that requires the submission of non-custodial parent information.
  • 您的非监护父母必须在创建单独的大学理事会帐户后提交在线非监护个人资料. 
  • 如果你和没有监护权的父母没有任何联系, then you may submit a request to waive the requirement of their financial information.
  • 您可以直接从大学理事会网站下载非监护父母弃权请愿书



监护父母和非监护父母, 如果适用的话, must submit copies of their 2022 federal tax returns with all schedules, 附件, 报税表形式, 以及其他损益表. 

选择beplay体育app官网参加奎斯特桥全国大学比赛的决赛选手申请beplay体育app官网作为早期决定I, submitting their application and all supporting documents by November 1st. Applicants who choose this option are considered for a match with beplay体育app官网, 包括正式的有约束力的录取通知书吗. 与beplay体育app官网匹配的决赛选手将在12月初通知他们的录取决定和奖学金. 

beplay体育app官网不匹配的决赛选手, 或者是有约束力的QuestBridge合作学校, 他们的申请会自动转移到常规的决定申请池吗. 学生 must also fill out the beplay体育app官网 Applicant Verification form, 到1月2日, to indicate if they are interested in remaining a candidate for admission to BC through 常规的决定 or if they would like to move their application to the 提前决定II application pool. Please note that 提前决定II is a binding admission process and also requires applicants to submit the Early Decision Agreement form, which will be provided to you within your Applicant Status Portal, 一旦你确认了你的兴趣. 学生 who are no longer interested in being considered for admission to beplay体育app官网 may request to have their application withdrawn via the Applicant Verification Form or by email. 通过绑定匹配承诺与QuestBridge合作学校匹配的任何决赛选手, 将自动撤回.


未被选为QuestBridge决赛选手的学生仍然可以通过Early Decision I申请BC, 提前决定II, 或通过普通申请进行常规决定. 请浏览 非决赛者页面 了解更多信息. 


Finalists who did not match with beplay体育app官网 through the National College Match, 也没有和其他学校合作过, are eligible to be considered via 提前决定II 或常规决策. 这些学生必须在1月2日之前填写beplay体育app官网申请人验证表. Please note that 提前决定II is a binding admission process and also requires applicants to submit the Early Decision Agreement form. 


选择不参加全国大学比赛的QuestBridge决赛选手可以通过Early Decision I向BC申请, 提前决定II, 或常规决策. 我们鼓励你提交通用申请和beplay体育app官网补充论文. 然而,你可以在通用申请论文中重复使用你的QuestBridge论文. 


beplay体育app官网 is dedicated to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students that are United States citizens and 符合条件的非公民. All QuestBridge National College Match applicants to beplay体育app官网 will be considered for the Match Scholarship 提交FAFSA(编号:002128), CSS/财政援助简介(代码:3083), 以及联邦所得税申报表. 

未参加beplay体育app官网比赛过程的QuestBridge学生将被考虑获得基于需求的援助, 提交FAFSA(编号:002128), CSS/财政援助简介(代码:3083), 以及联邦所得税申报表. If you would like to be considered for the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program, beplay体育app官网的学术奖学金计划, you must submit your Early Decision 或常规决策 application by November 1. All applicants who submit their application by this date are automatically considered.



beplay体育app官网不匹配的决赛选手, 或者是一个有约束力的大学伙伴, 可以考虑提前决定II吗. 如果你对这个选项感兴趣的话, 您必须在1月2日之前通过您的申请人状态门户网站提交beplay体育app官网申请人验证表. 请注意,这是一个有约束力的录取过程,也要求申请人填写提前决定协议表格, which will be provided to you within your Applicant Status Portal, 一旦你确认你想被转移到我们的早期决定II审查过程.


任何与beplay体育app官网不匹配的入围者将自动转移到常规决定申请人池中. 有意保留录取资格的入围者必须在1月2日前提交beplay体育app官网申请人验证表.

如果您不再希望被beplay体育app官网录取,并希望撤回您的申请, 联系本科招生办公室.